Welcome To The New TD Wehle Photography

I sit at my new desk listening to the new A Day to Remember album, which is the BEST album to come out in 2013 (my opinion), I go on my website and say wow I really need a change. So I dive straight in making my new website. With so many options on how the layout should be and what direction I should take. Well first I wanted to have a blog integrated with my site so I can start writing more, forewarning I am a terrible writer. Second I needed a website that will be easy to use. 

2013 has been the start of an amazing journey into my personal work. I have traveled to so many different places for start and working directly with management companies. I have also photographed the worlds biggest band such as A Day To Remember and Shinedown. Both were awesome experiences and got me out of my comfort zone and really aloud me to explore what I could do with my work. 

Life is an adventure and man I can not wait for what this new year will bring me!