My Year in Review

So as some of you may know today is my birthday! I know I'm 22 but 2013 was an amazing year. First off I started shooting concerts as well as promos. Then a little bit down the road I was asked to photograph the chili cook off with Three Days Grace. After that a amazing friend of mine named Nick asked me to find a place with him and his brother, after a month of searching we found a place. Immediately after moving in I received a call asking me to come to a studio and edit a couple of photos. I was then hired at the studio as the Resident Artist. A little bit further down the road I was asked to photograph Shinedown at the Carnival of Madness tour and asked my roommate Nick if he wanted to tag aloud and of course he said YES!! I continued to work at the studio until I found out 2 of my all time favorite bands were playing within days apart of each other. I photographed both of them and that is how I started to photograph more and more shows.

This year has been a interesting/amazing year and I never want to go back and change it! 2014 is just around the corner and man I can't wait for it!