52 Week Project: Number 1!

So this year I am doing something I have never done before. Recently one of my best friends named Jordan bought a camera for christmas. He asked me to help him become a better photographer. So I agreed and came up with a project for me and him to do. We are calling it a 52 week self portrait project were me and him photograph self portraits of each other. The rules are you have to set everything up in camera and the lights and the other person snaps the picture. 

For week number 1 of the self portrait project, I decided to show him the awesome use of gels in photos. Like I always do I build from one light and add more later if the photo needs it. I decided to use a big 4 foot shoot through umbrella (Basically a soft box but easier to set up). Anyway I showed him the image with just the soft box and he wasn't impressed. So I added a strobe under the couch and then showed him. He was excited about adding the second light. Wait I wasn't done there. I added a third light to bring out the background. Again, I snapped the photo and man was impressed and hey I was impressed with what I did.

Anyway during the next 52 weeks I will show you the lighting set up per photo. If anyone wants me to add how I edited the photo I will be glad to make another post about it! 

As always comments are always appreciated!