Come the Dawn

About a month ago I was contacted to photograph Came the Dawn for new press images. Below are a couple of photos from the session. 

So in the portrait above I wanted to light the building up to give the portrait depth. I normally would put a strobe behind the band. but with it being at night it always comes out the same.  I had to do something different. For the lighting I use a 22in beauty dish camera left and a light behind but farther back to light the building. 

The image above is one of my favorites from that night. We walked around the building and I same some stairs. I originally wanted them to sit on the stairs but I the stairs were not big enough for 5 guys. Again I wanted to light up the building but differently. I decided to put the light under the stairs and aim it up to see what i would get. After the first shot I loved what the light was doing. For the main light I used a beauty dish again but this time above the bands head.

All in all I loved meeting all the guys and can't wait to work with them in the future. Below is their newest music video.