52 Week Project: Number 12

Snow snow go away. Sorry I'm just really tired off all this snow. The weather yet again has been crazy. I believe it hit 70 on Saturday and on Sunday it snowed. We went another week without going outside. 

For the past couple of weeks I have sat down and watched nothing but retouching videos. Does it seem boring? Ehh kinda, but I still like watching them from time to time. I found so many tutorials on how to do fantasy composites as well as regular ones. 

This week I decided to try my luck with adding myself into a composite. While at Jordan's house this weekend, he mentioned using a mirror for his own portrait. Which got the ball rolling for me. I was reminded of a photo about a guy floating out of a softbox. I decided to roll with that with a mirror. 

Like any composite you need to come up with the background before starting the rest of the image. So Jordan and I ventured out into the snow to find a background for my image.

We eventually found a nice open snowy field to would look perfect as the background. after taking several exposures and different angles. I finally found one I liked. Now that I had the background I needed the rest of the image.

We first photographed the mirror with different angles, exposures and heights. After I wanted to have me stepping out of the mirror then I saw something on the wall, a lantern. I picked up the lantern and leaned over to act like I am exploring.

To get everything I wanted in the image took over 4 hours in retouching. And man was it worth it.