52 Week Project: Number 14

Coming into our 14th we Jordan I have decided to just continue to do our composites. I really like week number 12 self portrait so I decided just to continue doing that pattern. I've always love the way it came out with The mirror and me coming out of it. 

I might actually continue doing this as a personal series. Unfortunately that the problem with it is it takes for ever to edit but I just love the outcome of everything that I do. I'm sorry that this blog post is really short but with all that with everything going on at work with Easter coming up and having to prepare for that. Anyway here is the image. 

I'm writing this on my phone and testing out to see the image quality is going to be the same. I do apologize that the image quality is not as good as what I would do on a regular computer if it is bad I will change it as soon as possible.