52 Week Project: Number 17

Coffee. Where is the coffee. I need coffee....

Sleep, what is that. In the last week I have a little to no sleep each night. I've been working really hard keeping track of all the clients at the studio. As well as making sure all the prints have been ordered and the spreads have been made. As you can tell I have little to no free time to sleep.

Anyway lets get down to business. This weekend has been the worst. (sad face) MY CAMERA STOPPED WORKING!! Yes, I said it my camera has maybe snapped her last photo. I am sening it to cannon this week to see whats wrong with it. Hopefully it's nothing big.

This week I had to use my back up camera the awesome heavy duty 1ds mark ii. The thing is a beast when it comes to portraits. 

Shooting in complete black is interesting non the less. I would not recommend it. 

Well thats it for this week. I really do need to learn how to blog. I feel like I am rambling on and on.