XL102 Chili Cook Off

Above is some previews from the show (yes there is a selfie). You can see the rest here.

So last weekend I attended the XL102 Chili Cook off out at RIR. I showed up late to the show due to me working in the studio (Yes studio work comes first). Anyway while I was at the show my camera decided to break. I started to freak out. I quickly got on the internet on my phone to try and figure out the problem. I did everything I could but no luck. I gave up and decided to shoot the rest of the show with my Fuji X100s (thank god I had it). I normally have that camera as a back up just in case something like this happens. I really liked shooting with that camera but there are limitations like, it's a fixed 35mm lens. On my 5d I shoot with both my 17 and 70-200 (both amazing glass). 

So to my this quick story short always have a back up plan. Second I might start using the Fuji as a main for some things. I can't wait to see what comes of it.