52 Week Project: number 15

Keep it simple stupid. Yes I just said that. For the past 2 weeks I have been doing nothing but sit in front of a computer and edit nothing but a composite for hours. Sometimes until 2 am. I need my sleep. Keep it simple stupid is something I saw somewhere or made it up in my head. You don't need to get but so crazy with your shoots to get a great image. Just come up with a simple idea and execute it.  I see so many images that look like it took hours to achieve. Sorry for the rant but for me I'm going to keep it simple.

Just keep it simple.

Now time to talk about the image. Week number 15 of 52. Yeah i'm running out of ideas in my head. Kinda need to get the creative juices flowing and come up with a awesome image. 

For this image I didn't want any blacks and whites. I wanted to keep it a low contrast. I had to check the histogram a billion times to make sure I had no blacks/whites. I felt like I accomplished this. For lighing I just use a simple 2 light setup with the octobank in front with a rim light in the back. 

Just simple and to the point.