52 Week Project: Number 26: Explore.

Explore your surroundings. I've always have wanted to explore different locations and see what i can photograph there. The warehouse that I photographed my last self portrait in is crazy big. I easily can do so many sessions in there and come out with different outcomes. So if you go to a location multiple times try and see if you can photograph it differently. Always get the safe photo first, then try something brand new that you haven't tried yet. Like if you have seen a photo in a magazine try to replicate it. You should be able to see the lighting in the photo. 

Now this self portrait has been a interesting one. I asked my friend Ryan if he could help me out. I wanted to photograph in the same warehouse that I used last time. As you can tell it is different from the last one. I wanted the portrait to look like I was exploring the warehouse. 

The lighting for this portrait was pretty easy. I use my alien bee camera left with a red gel and then to add more red I put a slave flash in the lantern. The slave flash only cost about 30 bucks and its perfect to put behind someone to cause separation. I wanted to keep the lighting pretty simple. 

Well thats it for this week. Next week should be pretty interesting. I'm going back to do a composite with a plan drawn out.