52 Week Project: Number 27: Celebrate

Moving day. Yes I did move this weekend. It was exhausting you don't know how much stuff you have until you move out. After throwing away half my food and old dishes I found two sparklers. So since Forth of July is coming up I wanted a sorta firework theme. 

I wanted to do one final self portrait in my apartment. So I grabbed my friend Dillon and got to work. I had Dillon model first so I could get the lighting down. Dillion lit one up so I could expose for the sparkler. I turned my strobe to match the sparkler. When it came to my turn I asked Dillon to practice photographing me before I lit the last sparkler. When I lit it the sparkler I think he took 30 photos of me. I'm happy at least one of the portraits turned out how I wanted it.

The lighting for this was pretty simple. I only used one light and it was in a hall way directly from me with a small soft box on it. I wanted to keep this week simple. I should of thrown another light in the back to have separation. 

I think I'll grab more fireworks to use for my next self portrait. Stay tuned.