Conditions: The Final Show 07-12-14

So last Saturday I had the greatest opportunity to photograph one of Richmond's greatest bands, Conditions. I was given an all access pass to document the whole thing. It was my first time to go anywhere I wanted. I was running around like crazy and just photographing everything I saw.

Before I went to the show I posted on my Facebook/Instagram a challenge that I wanted to do. I asked which of my cameras I should use to photograph the show. I gave the choices of the easy road and use my 5d mark ii with my 17-40 and my 70-200 or my Fuji x100s. I got a lot of feedback and everyone wanted me to use the Fuji. I brought my Canon just in case I wanted to give up on the challenge. I stuck though it the entire show and used my Fuji.

At the start of the first song I want to figure out what the best setting were going to be. After I figured it out and got to work. I started off in the pit to get the safe shots. After about 3 or 4 songs I decided to go back stage and photograph the drummer and get some back stage shots. Since the Fuji is a fixed 35mm lens I had to get close. After I went all over to try and get some above shots and go back in the pit to get what I missed the first time. All in all I loved what the outcome was.

Below is some of my favorite images. If you would like to see the rest click here.