52 Week Project: Number 31

Bam it hits you. You were suppose to do something cool and nothing went the way it was suppose to. This weekend I wanted to do something out of the ordinary but I couldn't think of anything. This week I was trying to think of ideas to come up with awesome ideas for the weekend and couldn't think of one. After having 30 self portraits in front of this one the ideas should be flowing. I need to get the creative juices flowing. 

This weeks self portrait is a simple one. If you have seen one of my press stuff for bands then you should know about this lighting pattern. I usually put a light behind the band to give it a more edgy feel. 

After driving around town for what seemed like forever. Jordan gave me an idea to drive to one of his friends house that likes on a farm. I wanted a tree in the portrait to put the light behind the tree to accent it. I found the perfect tree and got to work. After about 30 poses I wasn't liking what we were getting. Jordan gave me an idea to set over just a little bit just to have a tree in it only. He took about 5 portraits and BAM week 31 is a wrap. 

So in the end I learned that if you have an idea and its not going the way you want just step a little to the right.