52 Week Project: Number 28

Time to go to the beach for a week. Why can't I stay here forever! I traveled down with my family for a week get-away to Topsail Island, NC. It's a great beach to go to, not a lot of people and very secluded. I think I counted 5 families on the beach today. It's a great place to get family portraits.

Anyway since I don't get a week off from doing my self portrait, I decided to take it at the beach. My brother and I went out at sunset to the dunes and man was it windy. Luckily I had my sand bags with me. Using a big soft box in the wind was not the best choice. I couldn't even get it on the strobe! I always carry my small soft box with me which worked out perfect! So I put the small soft box on the strobe and got to work.

I had my brother model and of course he got into his I'm a model pose. He really is a hoot but when it came to him taking my portrait he did a great job. The lighting for the portrait is just one strobe and a soft box camera left.

Anyway I'm going to go back to the beach. See you next week.