Call Of Duty Champs 2017

I sit in the airport on the way back home. I have a few hours until my flight takes off. I wanted to give an update about this weekend. 

This weekend I attended one of the biggest tournaments for gaming: Call of Duty Championships. I went last year to Champs in LA and got to meet one of our Splyce members, Till. That event was my second event in the esports space. This year I was more prepared to go, as last year I was running around not knowing what was going on.  

I arrived on Tuesday due to my flight being delayed until the next day. As some of you may know I recently starting shooing video full time instead of photos. For me to go back to photos is more of a throw back more then anything. I have been photographing since picking up a camera in 2010. 

This event I did both photo and video, but on Sunday it was ALL photos. It was a weird feeling photographing again. I have always wanted to go back to photographing at some point. I did shoot video from Wednesday to Saturday and will release a couple of videos later via Splyce.

I sorta went in with a plan on Sunday and started snapping away. The plan was to not photograph teams but the crowd and friends. I wanted to do more of a passion project. As some of you may know when you go to these events, the crowd is VERY passionate about their favorite teams and wanted to capture it. 

I believe this project turned out better then I could have imagined. I can not wait to go to my next event! I do not know when that is at this point but will continue to update via twitter. 

-TD "Wheels"