52 Week Project: Number 25: Breathing Fire

Planing, planing and more planning. Planning is key into making a portrait into okay to awesome. When you come up with a concept or a portrait try to make a work sheet or a sketch of what you want your outcome to be. I use a worksheet on most of my portraits. It explains what equipment I need, a sketch of what the outcome will be be, location of the shoot and contact info. It really helps me not to stress on the day of the shoot. 

So this week I wanted to do something a little more on the edge. I recently saw an image by Von Wong, a portrait photographer from Canada. He recently did a portrait session in Singapore with a fire performers. So I wanted to replicate one of his photos.

During the planning stages of this portrait I had to do some test with the fire, since I have never breathed fire before. I did some research and found out that cornstarch would be the safest. I did some test on saturday to see if I could make the biggest flame. I found out that cornstarch taste terrible so I just put it in my hand and just played with it.

The lighting for the portrait was pretty simple. I used two lights with orange gels to make it look light the fire was giving off the light. A soft box on camera right and a accent light on the left.

I did a behind the scene video on this shoot. It explains the different planning stages for the image. 

52 Week Project: Number 24: GoPro

This weekend was incredible. Myself and a couple of good friends headed to the river.  I have always gone to the beach so this was a first time staying at the river. Right when we got to the river there was a beautiful sunset. I kept yelling at Dylan to hurry up or we are going to miss it. I could't wait to break out the new GoPro that I just got that day. We quickly hurried to the edge of the water and just made it before the sun went down. I think all of us grabbed a selfie right when we got down to the water.  

Now this week self portrait was photographed with the GoPro. Since it doesn't have a way to fire strobes or even use it manual mode. It automatically picks the the shutter speed. That was my one concern was it didn't have manual mode. Normally i would expose for the sky then add the necessary light. But in the end I'm glad to experiment with some new equipment.

Below are some images from this weekend: (Yes most are selfies