52 Week Project: Number 24: GoPro

This weekend was incredible. Myself and a couple of good friends headed to the river.  I have always gone to the beach so this was a first time staying at the river. Right when we got to the river there was a beautiful sunset. I kept yelling at Dylan to hurry up or we are going to miss it. I could't wait to break out the new GoPro that I just got that day. We quickly hurried to the edge of the water and just made it before the sun went down. I think all of us grabbed a selfie right when we got down to the water.  

Now this week self portrait was photographed with the GoPro. Since it doesn't have a way to fire strobes or even use it manual mode. It automatically picks the the shutter speed. That was my one concern was it didn't have manual mode. Normally i would expose for the sky then add the necessary light. But in the end I'm glad to experiment with some new equipment.

Below are some images from this weekend: (Yes most are selfies