52 Week Project: Number 21: Happy 21st Birthday

Happy birthday. Well it's not my birthday but it's Jordan and I 21st self portrait. This time I wanted it to celebrate it with a "birthday party" theme. So I went to walmart and got the supplies. I found these awesome light up balloons. I knew right when I got them I was going to do something sweet. 

Anyway onto how I got the portrait. I decided to photograph it normally at a 60th of a second to see what I would get. The portrait was really dark. I wanted to expose for the balloons. So I grabbed my sweet awesome tripod. A long exposure is the only way I could do it so I didn't have to boost the ISO to 6400. I did bump the ISO to 1600 and do an exposure of 2.5 seconds. Originally the photo was suppose to be like this.

I really didn't like how it turned out. Jordan gave me the idea of sitting on the couch instead of standing. 


It didn't feel like a party so I asked my friends Jordan and Orie to jump in. After fooling around for about 30 minutes. We finally came up with a portrait that would work. Onto lighting, I used a new one and a half foot softbox for a Canon or Nikon flash not a strobe. When i was looking at getting a new softbox I was trying to think of something that would make me faster and I wouldn't have to lug around a huge strobe. I do like using it for one reason, it's easy. It makes doing quick on the spot on location portraits very easy. 

I would like to give a big thank you to Jordan, Orie, Erika and Lexie for helping me in creating this weeks portrait.  

Yeah didn't really turn out right but hey I like it. I don't like the couches bar going though my head but it works. 


Brooke's Wedding

Love is what drives the brain wild. Seeing a couple in love as much as these two is amazing. Webster describes love as a feeling of strong attachment induced by that which delights or commands admiration. I see every bit in these two!

Little over a month ago I decided to photograph the wedding ceremony of Brooke and Yan. I recently sat down with Brooke this week and presented the photos! She loved them! Below are all of my favorites! 

52 Week Project: Number 2!


 Brrr its cold here in va today! Its not even going to hit 20 today. Anyway last night me and Jordan went to find a location for our week 2 self portrait! We decided that a field would be best for us. 

We sought out on our adventure to Pole Green Park! Very nice open field that we could drive on. (if anyone from the county is reading this then I apologize for driving out there). I was going for a sunset kind of photo with nice warm colors! just as the sun was setting a huge cloud covered the sun! I was furious but grabbed another strobe and through a nice orange gel on and got this amazing photo!

Lighting diagram for the shoot is below! I will post a video on how I edited this photo or how I would edit it again sometime this week!