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Call Of Duty Champs 2017

I sit in the airport on the way back home. I have a few hours until my flight takes off. I wanted to give an update about this weekend. 

This weekend I attended one of the biggest tournaments for gaming: Call of Duty Championships. I went last year to Champs in LA and got to meet one of our Splyce members, Till. That event was my second event in the esports space. This year I was more prepared to go, as last year I was running around not knowing what was going on.  

I arrived on Tuesday due to my flight being delayed until the next day. As some of you may know I recently starting shooing video full time instead of photos. For me to go back to photos is more of a throw back more then anything. I have been photographing since picking up a camera in 2010. 

This event I did both photo and video, but on Sunday it was ALL photos. It was a weird feeling photographing again. I have always wanted to go back to photographing at some point. I did shoot video from Wednesday to Saturday and will release a couple of videos later via Splyce.

I sorta went in with a plan on Sunday and started snapping away. The plan was to not photograph teams but the crowd and friends. I wanted to do more of a passion project. As some of you may know when you go to these events, the crowd is VERY passionate about their favorite teams and wanted to capture it. 

I believe this project turned out better then I could have imagined. I can not wait to go to my next event! I do not know when that is at this point but will continue to update via twitter. 

-TD "Wheels"  

52 Week Project: Number 23


Alright so this week I did not prewrite my blog like I normally do on Monday. I was working on a special project which I can not wait to share with everyone. This week I am writing this blog on my phone on the way to a funeral (my great uncle just passed on Thursday). I do like the fact I can blog right on my iPhone. When I go on a trip it makes it so I can stay connected with everyone.

So this week was a little different for me. While I was at the beach last weekend I had an idea for a portrait. The idea was for me to hold up a sign that says "free kisses" and see everyone's reaction. I was going to do that after the pier portrait but since I loved how the portrait went I decided not to do it. I'll save that one for a later week. 

Setting up for this portrait was pretty easy. I had my partner in crime Jordan wright the words on the carboard. (You wouldn't be able to read my hand wrighting).  After we headed to the street in front of the studio. I had to be careful about where I put the light since I didn't want to blind any drivers. The light was to the left side of the camera with my travel softbox. I really like the fact that I now have a travel kit. I do need to upgrade the flash and the transmitters but hey I get what I need with the equipment I have. This week I went back to the good ol Fuji. I do like this camera way more then my DSLR (I know I keep saying this, buy one and you will see). 

Well that's it for this week. As always let me know what you think of the portrait. 


52 Week Project: Number 18

So as some of you might know, my camera broke (sad face). I should be receiving it today, hopefully.

Anyway onto week number 18. I decided to bust out the good ol Fuji x100s for this one. I'm just going to say this. I FREAKIN LOVE THIS CAMERA. Why have I not been using this camera all along?! With the built in neutral density filter and a leaf shutter so I can shoot at 500th of a second with strobes. Yes the sky is the limit with this camera. I do need to pick up the wide angle attachment for this camera. Would be sweet to have. 

I keep forgetting that I have it with me. Now I have an eye-fi card and can view my images on my Ipad. Oh well, I will be using that camera just a little bit more and might start a personal digital film series.

So with this image I wanted to go for a more film look. Something a 1970s camera would have. I also wanted to keep it simple. With one light and one camera. I think I accomplished just that.


52 Week Project: Number 8

Photographed with the Fujifilm x100s

Photographed with the Fujifilm x100s

Recently I made a couple of big purchases for myself. One of which is a new camera! The fujifilm X100s (or Ethel if you are following me on instagram) is now my pride and joy. From the beautiful colors to the amazing sharpness. This camera is an excellent add on!

Trying to lug around Betty (Canon 5d mark ii) is the worst. I wanted something to walk around with and enjoy taking photographs. I currently am working on a new series to keep me entertained called the digital rangefinder. The rangefinder diaries is already taken by my good friend and photographer Dan Bassini who is the reason why I went to Hallmark!

I will be updating my flickr as well as set up a portfolio on my website! The images I have snapped so far amazes me. To add another twist to the photos I will be editing them in VSCO Plugin for LIghtroom! What VSCO does is edits digital photos to look like old film cameras!

Here is the link to my Flickr where most of the photos will be going. I'm more then positive that I will do a couple of blog post on some of the photos and how I edited some!


Brooke's Wedding

Love is what drives the brain wild. Seeing a couple in love as much as these two is amazing. Webster describes love as a feeling of strong attachment induced by that which delights or commands admiration. I see every bit in these two!

Little over a month ago I decided to photograph the wedding ceremony of Brooke and Yan. I recently sat down with Brooke this week and presented the photos! She loved them! Below are all of my favorites! 

52 Week Project: Number 2!


 Brrr its cold here in va today! Its not even going to hit 20 today. Anyway last night me and Jordan went to find a location for our week 2 self portrait! We decided that a field would be best for us. 

We sought out on our adventure to Pole Green Park! Very nice open field that we could drive on. (if anyone from the county is reading this then I apologize for driving out there). I was going for a sunset kind of photo with nice warm colors! just as the sun was setting a huge cloud covered the sun! I was furious but grabbed another strobe and through a nice orange gel on and got this amazing photo!

Lighting diagram for the shoot is below! I will post a video on how I edited this photo or how I would edit it again sometime this week!