I was given the task of making a Dungeon and Dragon campaign video for the Huston Outlaws. I wanted to try and find a way to make the video entertaining but still keep to the true nature of DND. The task at hand was pretty difficult to combine entertainment with the quest. Whenever I get a task to make a video, I always want to make it entertaining. I asked how much of the video could I have creative control over. Pretty much they gave me the go ahead to make anything I wanted. 

Earlier that day, I went to the local hobby store to learn more about DND and pick up everything we needed to play. The lady who helped me was energetic when explaining to me how DND works. What I could do to make the video entertaining so on and so on. I got all of the stuff with a plan in my head to go record the guys that night. 

I get to the apartment where we are suppose to film, and meet the guys. After explaining my idea to all of them, a couple of them wanted to expand on the idea a little bit. One of the players gave me an idea to make an "office" style video. So I went with it and it turned out amazing! 

Most of the video was done in editing with comedic timers and trying to make the most entertaining video. It took me roughly 24 hours to complete the video.